• Aluminium Cladding Panels

    Aluminium Cladding Panels

    cladding designs

    The exterior cladding of this building is mainly composed of decorative aluminum sheets, make the surface of wall look like a puzzle with wonderful rhythm. The 900 pieces of prefabricated aluminium cladding panels jut out from the walls at different depths, and the sizes of panel are not same, are occasionally punctuated by cantilevered bay windows.

  • Aluminium Ceiling Panels

    Aluminium Ceiling Panels

    ceiling designs

    Aluminium strip ceiling and perforated ceiling panels are the most popular materials and ceiling designs for commercial and residential applications. Sometimes you many notice that the top of the subway station decorated with this type of material when you are waiting for a train, that can let you have strong stereoscopic and elegant feeling.

  • Aluminium Screen Panels

    Aluminium Screen Panels

    decorative screen designs

    For the modern home decorations, the decorative screen designs with hollow patterns are widely used. The fabricator carve the aluminium sheets with a variety of patterns according to different sizes, different combinations, gaps, and exterior scenes. This decoration is not only beautiful, but also offers a solid experience and improves the decorations.