How To Choose Decorative Perforated Aluminum Sheets With Proper Thickness

2019-11-21 08:26:36 40

As for choosing decorative perforated aluminum sheet, everyone may have a different idea on this issue, especially people plan to purchase such type of material for house renovation or decoration. One of the important considerations is the options of thickness, the range of thickness of decorative aluminum sheet is commonly between 0.6mm to 5mm, so how thick is proper for your requirements, that would depends on what applications you want the perforated aluminum sheet to be used on.

For the perforated facade panels what we also call it as perforated cladding panels, the right thickness is what we should consider primarily, as facade panels are installed firmly on exterior wall. Generally speaking, the thickness of decorative perforated aluminum sheets should be more than 1.5mm to ensure its long lifespan and safety. Facade panels with thickness below 1.5mm have not enough supporting force to withstand the storm and bad weather outside. For example, many complaints about the damages are from coastal areas, after the incident investigations, it was found that most of the cases are caused by natural disasters, the most of users impaired purchased the facade panels less than 1.0mm. All these case tell us that facade panels with improper thickness certainly save you some money, but that probably cause you some potential safety issues.

Perforated aluminum sheets also can be used for interior application, such as interior cladding, perforated ceiling, perforated screen and other decorative material, the thickness does not need to be critical. The specific thickness should be determined according to specific applications and requirements.