Laser Cut Metal Privacy Screens With Wood Grain Make This Restaurant More Classic Style

2019-11-21 08:27:25 25

In these years, there is a trend toward retro-style for restaurant decoration, especially for the Chinese style restaurants. Laser cut metal privacy screens come with a variety of properties and styles to improve the interior decoration, it has many options of surface treatment, wood grain is the most popular one to make Chinese style restaurants more traditional. Not only that, it also has durability and longevity to offer more utilities, so this is reason why metal privacy screens are more accepted than that made of wood material.

Laser cut metal privacy screens have outstanding weatherability, particularly decorative screen panel made of aluminum alloy, which is an ideal metal to resist corrosion, the surface finished with PVDF Coating has a perfect performance at anti scratch and abrasion, not easy to deform and fade, and has other beneficial characteristics. This metal privacy screens are processed by accurate laser cut machinery, the patterns are designed with Chinese traditional element, the patterns, texture and color help the interior space combine with aesthetics and retro feel, not only visual elements, the metal privacy screens also provide functional purposes, such as shading, and improving acoustics


In addition to the restaurant design, the applications of laser cut metal privacy screens are also more and more popular in architecture and decoration. From balconies to lobbies to building claddings, both interiors and exteriors of buildings are given a beautification improvement.