Using Decorative Perforated Metal Sheets For Environment-Friendly Designs

2019-11-21 08:27:04 157

In addition to be looking for ways to use interior space & features of buildings, there is more a trend towards make the buildings with environment-friendly designs to save energy, so this is the reason why Decorative Perforated Perforated Sheet is becoming more and more popular for architectural buildings to meet energy-efficient requirements.

For designers and architects, perforated cladding design not only adds a charming and impressive level of depth to the exterior wall of building, but also improves the performance at energy saving, so it comes with the new concept of aesthetic appealing and green building to obtain their preference. Architectural perforated facade cladding has visual and environmental features as its benefits, would this be taken into your consideration for building designs?

Why is decorative perforated metal sheet regarded as environment-friendly building material? Let’s take a look at some properties of it as follow, and you would find out the answer.


l  Ventilation

Perforated cladding design can help drain out the heat instantly to ease burden and means of cooling for the facilities in the building, such as fans, air conditioners, exhausters and more, that can help facilities extend longevity.


l  Temperature

It is a natural way to refresh continuously the air in the room and cool the people in the building, that would help the cooling facilities to ease working burden to reduce the electric consumptions.


l  Lighting

For traditional designs of buildings, daylight can hardly to be obtain, we need to apply lighting fixtures to improve the brightness. Perforated metal sheets are a perfect way to obtain natural light and direct it where it’s needed. Unlike glass cladding, not only does perforated cladding provide natural light, but also keeps interior cool and ventilated.  

In addition to wall cladding, perforated metal sheet can be smartly designed for interior decorative perforated screen, ceiling and stair railing with stunning patterns using various hole shapes and sizes. It comes with partly light transmittance combined with unique visually appealing to make a nature style of perforated sheet, which can be incredibly versatile in terms of application.

Decorative perforated metal sheet is obviously an ideal option for designers and architects to make buildings with both aesthetic impression and energy efficiency.