Expanded Metal Mesh Facade Panels

With strong and durable expanded grilles, this expanded metal mesh facade comes with stylish design, stunning appearance and low cost, so it deliver perfect solutions to the achitectural projects. It is ideal facade material to decorate the exterior wall of building, such as super market, shopping mall, garage, museum and office building.


Expanded Metal Mesh Facade panels come with unique style and are made of metal sheets that are perforated and stretched to form an expanded grille, the shape of hollow is normally rhombic or other shapes to make the mesh much strong and durable, the expanding shapes and scales are flexibly customizable. This type of Metal Mesh Facade is optional to be finished with a wide range of treatments and colors, is ideal exterior cladding material to enclosure the buildings, such as garage, super market, shopping mall, office building and museums. Metal mesh facade offers aesthetic appearance and the users can get low cost for this, so it can deliver excellent solutions to the architectural contractors, architects and houseowners.

Applications Of Expanded Metal Mesh Facade Panels



Aluminum Alloy 1100H24


3mm or up to 20mm


Powder Coating, PVDF Coating, Anodizing etc.


White or as request


1200*4500mm or as request


Expanded Metal Mesh Facade is for exterior wall of building


  • The metal mesh facade panels are perforated well for well ventilations.

  • Structures are strong and durable for security and longevity requirements.

  • The expanded mesh with rhombic meet the modern and stylish standard.

  • Various colors are available for different surface requirements.

  • Well surface finishes are suitable for exterior applications.

  • Resists to be out of shape and discoloration.

  • Unique design for easy installation and low maintenance.


In most cases, the natural finish and surface quality of expanded metal mesh facade can be used for many applications without any added surface treatment. However, there are projects in which metal requires different finishes. Finishes for metal mesh facade are designed to either improve its surface with more visually or functionally appearance either preserve an existing surface. The purposes for a different surface finish could primarily include surface protections, color requirements, aesthetic increasements, better surface structure, improved reflectivity, improved electrical insulativity and other properties. At Kingoals Metal, a variety of different metal mesh facade panels are available, each of them with unique characters to suit for specific applications.

Surface Finishes Of Expanded Metal Mesh Facade Panels